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Range of Motion/Pain


Following a thorough process of patient history, an assessment is done using a movement screen to determine the patient's movement inefficiency. This involves both a global and local movement assessment in which range of motion and muscular stability are tested. The goal of this assessment is to test the integration of the nervous system and myofascial system in producing efficient movement.


Acupuncture/Soft Tissue Therapy/Fascial Release/

Joint Manipulation/Performance Taping


The correction stage involves using the right tools to improve the athlete's poor movement patterns. These techniques often immediately improve movement quality and relieve pain.


Corrective Exercise/Movement Retraining/

Kettlebell Training/Olympic Lifting/Yoga


Once movement quality is restored, empowerment of the athlete to promote this new efficient movement is of utmost importance. Empowerment is what prevents recurrence of injury and promotes performance improvement.

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